Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

If you’re looking for more focus, calm and fitness in your life, Vrikshasana offers all of that – and then some.

Vrikshasana is a standing yoga pose that offers many traditional benefits of yoga in one handy posture. Once you’ve learned the traditional version, you can also learn modifications that add even more physical and spiritual benefits.

Understanding Vrikshasana

Vrikshasana is a standing yoga pose that is popular in modern yoga. Also called Tree Pose, it stretches and strengthens while also improving balance and flexibility.

Tree Pose’s Historical Roots

Vrikshasana is an asana, or yoga posture, found in medieval hatha yoga. It is one of the few standing poses in this yoga discipline. It was traditionally used for both meditation and exercise, and it remains a popular mechanism for both in modern hatha yoga. It is meant to be a posture that allows your body to feel both steady and comfortable.

What Type Of Exercise Is Vrikshasana?

Vrikshasana is a strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness exercise. Yoga practitioners also use it to calm the mind and improve focus.

How To Prepare For Tree Pose

As with any yoga practice, it is helpful to stretch prior to beginning.

To master Tree Pose, you’ll want to learn Mountain Pose first, as this is where you will begin Vrikshasana.

Step By Step Instructions For The Perfect Vrikshasana

When you’re ready to try Tree Pose, follow these steps to ensure proper form:

  1. Stand in Mountain Pose; arms down along your sides.
  2. Gradually shift your body weight onto the left foot, with a slight bend in your right knee. You’ll want to grab onto your right ankle and pull your foot up to the inside of your left thigh so that it rests above your knee. Keep your hands at your hips and bring your hands together in a position of prayer in front of your chest.
  3. Look straight ahead and focus on an object in front of you.
  4. Focus on anchoring your left foot to the ground while pressing the right foot to the inner left thigh.
  5. Bring your arms up over your head and reaching for the sky with your palms facing together.
  6. If you’re able, hold in this pose for at least 60 seconds.

Tree Pose Benefits

Vrikshasana is great for strengthening muscles in the ankles and lower legs. It also stretches the groin and thighs, as well as the shoulders and the torso.

This pose is also ideal for improving balance and focus, and Vrikshasana is a known treatment for both sciatica and flat feet.

Variations To Know

When you’re ready to move one from basic Vrikshasana, you may add a modification like one of the following, for varied benefits depending upon your fitness goals:

  • Bending Tree Pose
  • Side Plank Pose with Tree variation
  • Half-Lotus Tree Pose
  • Handstand with Tree variation

Vrikshasana is not only ideal for physical and spiritual wellness, it’s also a graceful posture that communicates calm and poise. If you’re looking to master a standing yoga pose and are willing to practice patience, Tree is a great place to begin.

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