Triceps Stretch

Triceps Stretch

Although biceps are the muscles that frequently get more attention, triceps are actually just as essential and even have more potential to grow than biceps.

Tricep exercises are critical to do before and after you go into a workout involving your arms. Consistently and properly exercising is necessary for maintaining a healthy body and healthy muscles.

(Tri)fecta of Stretches 

There are a wide array of stretches that target the triceps. One of the most common and easy to do is the overhead tricep stretch. To do this stretch, stand upright with a straight back and proper posture. Then, calibrate your shoulders by lifting them up, and then rolling them down and back. This is your base position.

When you are in this pose extend one arm up and then bend at your elbow. Your palm should be around where your back and neck connect. Just this move is an easy way to measure the flexibility of your triceps. Then, use your other hand to push your arm down gently at the elbow. Hold this stretch for between 20 and 30 seconds, and for anywhere between 3 and 5 repetitions to activate the triceps and complete the stretch.

 variation on this pose utilizes a towel. Roll the towel up into a rope-like shape. Then, put it in the hand of the arm that bends at the elbow. Let it swing down and grab it behind your back with your other hand. Pull to stretch out the triceps and shoulders. Make sure you are pulling just for the stretch and not too hard.

The third of the many triceps stretches out there are relatively similar in its position. You bring one arm across the body, keeping it level and parallel. Your elbow should have a little give, but not be completely bent. Then, with your other hand, push the arm down toward your stretch. Hold this pose for about 30 seconds for a full and active horizontal stretch.

Training Triceps

There are a vast number of benefits to keeping your triceps stretched out and in good shape. One: they look good. Building up your biceps is excellent, but your body won’t be able to support them if your triceps aren’t just as strong and stable. It is genuinely the muscle that allows you to round out and strengthen the entire arm.

Tricep exercises are also important to preventing injury. Often, when at the gym, its appealing to go as hard as you can, especially on arm exercises. Keeping your triceps in good shape will enable you to go as hard as you can on arm day without worry as much about injury. These stretches are also useful to do on off days to reduce stiffness and soreness. Triceps are a muscle group so frequently used in everyday activities that it is good to keep them as functional as possible.


Maintaining healthy and robust triceps is critical to having strong arms. They are one of the most forgotten muscle groups, as the biceps frequently gain more attention. However, this does not make them any less essential or dynamic. The stretches given here can help you build up these muscles, even if you are a bit later to the game.

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