Macebells are weighted steel maces that are used in mace bell training and weightlifting. 

These steel maces are a functional workout tool that can help you get a well-rounded upper and lower body workout. With roots in ancient techniques, mace bells and macebell training are something that just about everyone can get in on and have fun with! 

An Ancient Training Technique

The mace has been around for a long time, both for strength training and in wars. In fact, it’s believed that the earliest form of the mace, the “gada”, was used over 2,000 years ago! 

The gada was a club-like mace that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It was believed to be the main weapon of the Hindu god Hanuman, known for his strength and is traditionally worshipped by wrestlers. 

Hanuman wasn’t the only Hindu god to carry a gada, though. Vishnu has also been depicted as carrying a gada in one of his four hands. 

The gada became a piece of training equipment in Hindu culture. These maces vary in weight and height, depending on the skill level of the user. 

Today, maces are commonly referred to as macebells when used for exercise and training. 

Modern Macebell Training 

If you get a chance to join or watch a modern macebell training session, you’ll notice that the macebell is always held at the bottom of a long rod. The weighted top of the macebell is a spherical shape, typically made of steel. 

The macebells are held during lower-body exercises such as squats and are swung both above the head and behind the body for upper-body strengthening and endurance exercises. 

As with the traditional methods of training, one or two macebells may be used depending on an individual’s experience, though in most classes a single macebell is the norm. 

From Ancient Roots To Today 

The evolution of the macebell is certainly interesting and has greatly to do with the materials involved in creating the equipment. 

While early macebells were made of bamboo or wood, most macebells you’ll find today are either steel or other types of heavy metal. 

The training techniques have varied slightly through the years to include more lower-body work, though the general movements of the macebell harken back to traditional macebell practice. 

A Rarer Exercise

In order to find macebell exercises in action, you may need to go to a specialized gym or fitness center that has this equipment. Macebell training is often done in classes, rather than on the individual level, so it’s not as common to find in a regular gym that focuses on standard weights and equipment. 

Joining A Macebell Class

If you’re looking to learn more about macebells and the ancient training techniques behind their use, you’ll want to look for local macebell training classes. These classes can provide you with the right equipment at the right weight and will be able to help lay the foundation for macebell basics in your exercise routine. 

A Unique And Beautiful Exercise 

The artistry and discipline that goes into macebell training is certainly something of note. This ancient technique has been incredibly successful in making its impact on present-day workout techniques!

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