Leg Raise

Leg Raise

A strength-training exercise, the leg raise uses both your core and leg muscles!

Done with several kinds of variations and pieces of equipment, the leg raise is an exercise that can be done by just about anyone. This highly accessible exercise is great in building core strength and stability, as well as general lower-body strength! 

The Background Of The Leg Raise 

Core strengthening techniques have been increasingly popular since the 1920s. Building core endurance has long been believed to help both upper-body and lower-body strengthening, as the core is the stabilizer for the entire body. 

As exercise equipment has continued to get better and better, more and more variations on the leg raise have become popular. For example, it can even be done in a “seated” position on a weight bench. 

Modern Leg Raises 

One of the most common techniques is the lying leg raise. This is done without any equipment, though weights can be added for an extra challenge. It is performed lying on the floor on the back. 

Those practicing the move will keep the lower back in contact with the floor or may use a cushion or their hands for support in order to prevent strain or injury. 

From there, the legs will be raised up and down for the desired number of repetitions. 

Of course, that’s just one way to practice the leg raise. 

Another technique is referred to as “side-lying”. These leg raises target the inner thigh hip adductors, and are performed lying with one side on the ground. Support comes from a hand placed on the ground, and the opposite foot placed on the ground. 

The top leg is raised in the air slightly to perform the exercise. 

A seated leg raise is usually done on an elevated surface, such as a weight bench.  The hands are placed on the surface behind the individual as they lift their legs up off the edge of the bench. 

Each of these leg raise techniques can use weights for a more intense or targeted workout. 

A Part Of A Well-Rounded Workout 

The leg raise is just one part of a structured full-body workout. The attention to the core and lower-body muscles is typically a solid addition to any workout, no matter an individual’s experience with the move.

Because of this, it’s likely that you’ll see leg raises being performed at any number of fitness centers or gyms. The great thing about the leg raise is that it’s not an exercise that’s specific to any athletic discipline; it can be done by weight lifters, athletes, or just the casual exercise performer. 

Taking On The Leg Raise 

In order to learn the leg raise, you can start either at home or at your local gym. If you’re looking to do weighted leg raises, going to your gym and speaking with a trainer can be a great first step to get you on the right path. 

A Solid Core Workout 

In the pursuit of a strong core, the leg raise is one of the best ways to go. This easily accessible move is one that can be incorporated into any number of workout routines! 

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