Leg Abduction

Leg Abduction

Leg abduction exercises are a great way to strengthen both your core, your glutes, and you’re quads. 

With a variety of different exercises, you’ll be able to add leg abduction work to any workout routine you may have! Plus, these exercises are typically great for anyone from beginner to advanced levels. 

Whether you’re looking to perform them at the gym or at home, leg abduction exercises can seriously help boost your lower-body strength. 

Leg Abductions And Lower Body Strength 

The popularity of leg abduction exercises has grown greatly through the 1900s to today. With the popularity of fitness routines, lifting, and other athletics, these kinds of exercises – along with other movements that help boost lower-body range of motion and stability – have become a staple of many exercise classes and workout regiments. 

A Range Of Variations

As with many lower-body exercises, there are several variations and types of leg abduction exercises that you can try. These can be done with equipment at a gym or can be simply done with a yoga mat in your own home. As long as you have the space to do the exercises, you’ll be good to go!

One way to do the leg lift is through the side-lying leg abduction. 

This leg abduction exercise begins with lying on one side with your hips stacked on top of one another. Keep your toes pointed forward, and lift the top leg towards the ceiling as far as you can. This position can then be held for a count of a couple of seconds before the leg is lowered down once more. 

Another variation is performed by putting a book close to a wall. Stand on the book with your left foot. Keep your right knee straight, then push your hips up and forward until your right foot leaves the ground. 

You’ll want to hold this position for a few moments, then bring your right foot back to the ground. 

Finally, the leg lift squat is a great way to work the core, glutes, and quads. The move is done by first performing a squat, then lifting your leg out to the side. 

Clearly, the exercise has evolved quite a bit to encompass a vast number of variations in its performance. 

A Common Exercise 

Visit any gym and you’re likely to see a leg abduction exercise. Popular in a variety of different strengthening and muscle building exercise routines, leg abduction exercises are known to be incredibly common in the work of both beginners and advanced individuals. 

Doing Your Own Leg Abduction Exercises 

If you want to bring leg abduction exercises into your workout routine, you may want to start by attending an exercise class or training session!

By trying a number of leg abduction exercises under the guidance of a trainer or teacher, you’ll both learn several methods for completing these exercises and figure out which of these methods helps support your exercise goals. 

Build Your Leg Strength 

With leg abduction exercises, you’ll soon be building up your lower-body! This popular exercise is one that is highly accessible and can help have a really positive impact on your overall strength. 

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