Dumbbell Press-Up

Dumbbell Press-Up

The dumbbell press-up is a dynamic exercise that can help you correct and prevent muscle imbalances.

They can be done almost anywhere and the only equipment they require is dumbbells. They also are considered a variation of the pushup and can help your upper body relatively quickly.

All You Need to Know 

The dumbbell press-up, also commonly referred to the dumbbell push-up, is an exercise that is done in a relatively similar fashion as the pushup. The general form is the same; however, instead of having your hands pressed flat against the ground, they should be gripping dumbbells. It is essential that these are hex dumbbells, as they will keep you balanced and stable. Put your hands in the same spots you would for a pushup, about shoulder-width apart, and grab the dumbbells, so you’re balanced in a pushup position. 

Then, lower your body into the position of a push up in a controlled fashion. This is where the exercise diverts a bit from the typical pushup, as you can lower yourself even more profound because of the presence of the dumbbells. In a controlled and dynamic fashion, push your body back up. Make sure that you are keeping a straight back and maintaining proper form. When you push yourself up, you should return to the position that you began in before you lowered your body down.

Then, lower back down in a controlled fashion and repeat with the other arm. This can be a very challenging exercise because of the balance and control it necessitates. The best way to master this exercise is to practice both strength and stability.

The Many Benefits

This exercise is extremely useful for building muscle in your chest and upper back. It also targets your core as well as your arms. Warming up for this exercise is necessary to perform it effectively and safely. Here are some warm-up stretches that are good options:

  • Stretch your wrists by moving them in small circles. This will prevent your wrists from locking when you are putting a lot of pressure on the.
  • Do some spinal stretches to prevent back injury and residual back pain. Lunges with rotation can be useful for this, as can going into ‘child’s pose.
  • Do either jumping jacks or a light jog to activate the muscles in your entire body. About 10 minutes on the treadmill should do the job.

This exercise is technically a variation on the pushup, which was thought to be invented in 1905. The term was coined by Jerrick Revilla. Since it has become mostly known as one of the most popular exercises for those in military boot camp. All across the country, as well, students in schools have to do fitness testing that involves completing a certain number of pushups.

Since its invention, many variations of the pushup has emerged. For instance, the dumbbell press-up is one variation. In another variation, you put your hands closer together to target triceps. In another, you put your feet on a bench to build back strength. Each variation targets a specific part of the arm, and works to strengthen the back and abs. Many people also use pushup circuits as a way to get a full arm workout. They combine three or four types of press-up in order to activate multiple muscle groups.


Overall, press-ups are known as one of the most rigorous exercises that determine the fitness of the person. They not only ask you to lift your entire body weight but often even to lift more than that. They are truly a staple of the fitness curriculum both in the United States and globally.

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