Wobble Board

Wobble Board

Looking for something new to add to your fitness routine? Add a Wobble Board to your workout! Part of fitness training for years, wobble boards (sometimes referred to as balance boards) are having a fitness renaissance moment because of their ability to increase core strength, improve balance and posture, and enhance overall coordination, along with numerous other benefits.  Plus, they’re super fun and easy and can be used just about anywhere (including under your desk at work!)

So, want to be a health trendsetter? Read on to find out more about the enormous benefits of the wobble board workout.

Improve your Posture

Remember when your mom was on you about your posture as a teen? Turns out she was onto something. More than just making you look less than stellar, poor posture has been linked to a variety of health problems in recent studies. Wobble Board exercises can be just the ticket to correct a lifetime of slouching and help you deal with chronic health issues, like back and neck pain. Balancing on a wobble board engages those important core muscle groups and forces you to stand in a proper upright position, which keeps your spinal column in proper alignment. As you continue to use the wobble board to challenge those muscles, you’ll realize not only an improvement in your posture but stronger abdominals and an overall heightened awareness of your body. 

Prevent Injuries

Sound like a stretch? It’s actually a proven fact that balance training helps prevent falls and injuries.  Along with working your core, wobble board training enhances equilibrium and engages your glutes and leg muscles, which we use most in our everyday activities.  Training these muscles increases your functional strength, which reduces the risk of falling or pulling a muscle.   

Wobble board training has long been used by athletic trainers to help athletes prevent ankle sprains.  The American Journal of Sports Medicine published a recent study that indicated balance board training helped to cut the risk of ankle sprains in young athletes by half.  

Whether you’re getting ready for an upcoming soccer game or just looking to keep yourself in the game of life, wobble board training can help your body perform at optimum levels of wellness.

Stay Alert!

You know that mid-day slump you experience at work, where you just don’t know how you’re going to keep your eyes open? That’s a great time to break out your wobble board!  Most modern work environments offer a standing desk option and using your wobble board for even 10 minutes will help improve the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout your body, resulting in increased productivity, alertness and creativity.  Give it a shot and start a healthy trend at your office!

 What Wobble Board exercises are best?

One of the greatest benefits of wobble board training is that it doesn’t take years of working out or fitness know-how to achieve results.  The increased interest in wobble board training has resulted in several easy to find videos online. This basic routine should get you started reaping the benefits of wobble board training in no time.

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