Triceps Extensions

Triceps Extensions

Triceps are the muscles contained along the upper arm area of your back. While the biceps are very important, triceps are the most important muscles when it comes to overall upper body workout training. Having strong triceps is essentially important for pushing and pulling where your arms are held close to your body during movement. 

What is Tricep Extensions?

The triceps extension is an isolation exercise that can help to develop and strengthen your triceps. it targets only one muscle group as movement occurs in just one joint. While there are numerous exercises that you can do to work, your triceps, such as push-ups or chest presses, none will provide you with the advantage as triceps extensions since it allows you to focus solely on your triceps muscles.

When Did Tricep Extensions Start?

Tricep extensions have been recognized as the best way to build up your triceps since bodybuilding first began many centuries ago and research has proved its effects to be very reliable.

Are there any variations To Tricep Extensions

The triceps is a muscle used to extend the elbow joint and an adversary to the brachialis and biceps muscles. When the hand and forearm are used for fine movements, such as for writing, triceps can help fixate the elbow joint. Pull-ups and chin-ups are both variations of the tricep extension; however, these exercises don’t only focus on the triceps.

A study sponsored and done by the American Council on Exercise revealed that the extensions are around 70-90 percent effective compared to the triangle push up for the triceps.

How To Do the Tricep Extensions

Start by preparing for the tricep extensions. Stand with your feet apart and hold a dumbbell straight over your head with both hands.

Extending your arms straightforward to keep the dumbbell over your head, bring the weight overhead. Ensure that you keep everything from your elbows to your shoulders perfectly still, then lower the weight and back of your head, slowly bending your elbows, until your arms are approximately 90 degrees lower. Ensure that your elbows are pointed forward. Next pause rises to straight again. You now have completed one rep.

You can view a video demonstrating of a triceps extension here 

Benefits of Tricep Extensions

While compound exercises are recommended to help develop all the muscle groups that involve functional movement, triceps extensions are more beneficial for rehabilitating from injury and repairing imbalances in the triceps area. However, in bodybuilding, it can target the triceps for growth. According to an exercise study conducted by the American Council, tricep extensions are 70 to 90 percent more effective for the triceps than common push-ups. 


Overall, using triceps extensions is the best form of exercise to help strengthen your upper arms, which is essential to bodybuilding and maintaining firm, balanced muscles. 

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