Roman Chair

Roman Chair

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If you haven’t already incorporated Roman chair exercises into your workout regiment, it’s time to get on it! This simple but effective piece of equipment can make a huge difference to your daily workout grind.

What is a Roman Chair?

The Roman Chair is a piece of stationary exercise equipment that engages your body weight as the primary resistance method. While the exact origin of the name and invention of the machine remains a mystery, many variations of the equipment have come to be developed over time.

Nevertheless, the base of a Roman chair consists of an elevated foot mat with a resistance bar above it, and a large primary pad for body exercises.

What Can You Use a Roman Chair For?

While Roman chairs are simple pieces of equipment, they can be used for a wide variety of exercises to target many different muscles, including:

• Abdominals • Back
• Chest
• Arms

All of the exercises done on a Roman chair are relatively simple and incorporate your own body weight as resistance. However, if you are looking to level up your hardcore workout, you can hold weights during some exercises for added difficulty.

How To Do Roman Chair Exercises

As with any work out, make sure you warm up before you start your Roman chair exercises. Try doing jumping jacks or jogging in place before you take to this piece of equipment. And as always – remember to stretch!

Back Exercises: Back Extensions
Place your feet on the foot mat, with the front of your thighs pressed against the primary pad of the machine. The resistance bar should be pressed against your calves, keeping your legs from moving. Place both hands by your ears.

Slowly bend at the waist and lower your body, then raise yourself up again. Continue.

To add extra resistance to this exercise, hold a weight plate to your chest as you do reps. Benefits: Lower back

Abdominal Exercise: Side Bend
Place your feet sideways on the foot mat, and your hip on the primary pad of the machine. Slowly lower your body to the side and raise it up again. Repeat on the opposite side as needed.

Benefits: Oblique muscles

Chest and Arm Exercises: Hanging Dip
With many Roman chairs, there are two horizontal bars that are connected to the main contact pad of the machine. Stand over the machine and grab the bars, then lift your calves and cross your ankles to hold your legs in place. This will require your arms to support your full body weight.

Slowly lower yourself down by bending your arms, and then bring yourself back up by extending your arms again.

Benefits: Chest and triceps
For visual guidance through these exercises, check out this instructional video.

A Simple Machine for Impactful Results

Roman chair exercises are simple but highly effective, and they can make for a great addition to amp up your workout regiment.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your lower back, tone your oblique muscles, or develop unbeatable triceps, the Roman chair allows you to use your own body weight as one of the best means for resistance training.

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