While you may not have heard of the macebell, it’s actually a seriously intense and impactful piece of strength training equipment!

Also called a steel mace, these metal rods are capped with a weighted ball to give your body a well-rounded and balance-focused exercise. If you’re looking to add some variety to your workout routine, macebell training might just be the perfect thing!

A Warrior’s History 

This ancient weapon is considered one of the first weight training tools ever used. They were used and highly regarded by ancient Hindu warriors, and were considered instrumental in developing strength and balance. 

In Hindu mythology, the macebell – or Gada – was the tool of a god called Hanuman. This was usually made out of bamboo with a weight at the end. 

Today, the macebell is typically made of steel. Not only is it easier to mass-produce, but it has made the tool a staple of many athletic gyms. 

A Shoulder-Based Exercise Tool 

If you start doing any work with the macebell, you’ll quickly realize that it targets a lot of the muscles in the upper arms and the shoulders. 

This is great if you’re looking to build strength in your shoulders and upper arms, as the tool can be used to focus on either one side of the body or both sides of the body. 

Get Macebell Training Ready 

If the macebell sounds like the perfect addition to your next workout, there are just a few things to consider. 

  • Make sure that you have access to the proper equipment. Most gyms will have macebell sets of varying weights. 
  • Determine what weight level works best for you. 

Rock The Warrior Training 

One of the best mobility-focused moves with the macebell is the pendulum. To start: 

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. 
  2. Bring your macebell behind your back, so that the mace is centered along the spine. Keep your hands around the bottom of your neck for a solid stretch. 
  3. Carefully swing your macebell from side to side. You can use the momentum of the macebell to keep your flow. 
  4. Make sure to keep your shoulders down and back as you swing the macebell. 

A Well-Rounded Workout 

The macebell can greatly improve your grip strength. Using the macebell is a great way to work on your hand grip, which can in turn help strengthen your forearms and overall upper-arm muscle building. 

Another great benefit of the macebell is the mobility work it provides. In addition to strengthening your grip and shoulders, the macebell can help you increase range of motion with regular use. 

Using Your Macebell For Other Exercises

There are a variety of exercises that you can use the macebell for. 

Some others that you may want to try include: 

  • Macebell lunges, which involves holding the macebell out in front of you while you lunge forward. 
  • Macebell squats, which involve holding the macebell horizontally in front of you while performing a squat. 

Start Macebell Training Today 

The macebell can be added to any number of exercises to increase your strength and balance training. With the right positioning and form, macebell training can really impact your overall exercise performance!

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