Tricep Pushdowns

Tricep Pushdowns

The tricep pushdown focuses on the triceps muscles in the back of the arm. 

Completed with the use of a cable machine or other weighted system, the tricep pushdown is a great way to strengthen your arms and impact your overall upper-body endurance. 

The Building Of Tricep Strength 

Strength and muscle building in the upper arms have been the object of many a weightlifting routine for the last century or so. As strongmen became more popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, there became more of an emphasis on the building and toning of both the triceps and the biceps muscles. 

Of course, most of this emphasis was on the biceps muscles, as these muscles are the more rounded ones at the front of the arm. 

However, recent exercises stemming from the mid-20th century have focused on building strength in the back of the arm, too – where the triceps muscles are. 

Also referred to as triceps brachii, the triceps muscle is responsible for your ability to straighten out your arm, making it critical in everyday activities as well as other weightlifting and strengthening exercises. 

The muscle is composed of three different bundles, including: 

  • The long head
  • The lateral head
  • The medial head

As exercise equipment has improved, such as the invention of the cable machine in the 1950s, more exercises like the tricep pushdown have gained popularity. 

The Tricep Pushdown Today 

Modern tricep workouts, like the tricep pushdown, involve equipment like the cable machine. The move is typically done by standing in front of the machine and grabbing the attached bar with both hands. 

The bar is then pulled down, acting against the resistance of pulleys, cables, and weights. This engages the triceps muscles, and actually also provides some work for the biceps, too!

This move has been tied to the evolution of the cable machine and has thus evolved with more accurate and adjustable weighting mechanisms in the equipment. 

An Everyday Exercise

The great thing about tricep pushdowns is that they’re fairly simple to execute and can be done anywhere that has a cable machine. 

You’ll be able to spot a tricep pushdown in action at your local gym or fitness center, as these locations are likely to have one, if not several, cable machines on hand. 

Because tricep pushdowns are so popular and are great for both beginners and advanced individuals, you’ll probably spot several people doing the exercise. 

Learning The Tricep Pushdown 

To bring this tricep workout to your exercise routine, you’ll want to start by heading to your local gym. Locate the cable machine, and adjust it according to the weight you’d like to use. 

If you have questions about adjusting the machine or determining weight levels, you can speak to a trainer or gym employee who can point you in the right direction. 

A Highly Beneficial Arm Exercise

Though it can be easy to focus on the bicep muscles, the triceps are integral to your ability to lift, pull, and push objects. Giving a little focus to the triceps muscles is a great way to ensure a solid basis for all further upper-body work!  

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