The Nutrisystem Diet

The Nutrisystem Diet

The Nutrisystem diet is a portion-controlled plan that delivers food right to your home. 

The system offers a variety of different programs depending on an individual’s needs and weightless goals and can be modified in several different ways to cater to one’s body. 

Foundations In A Liquid Protein Diet 

The Nutrisystem diet was started in the early 1970s by Harold Katz, an entrepreneur who sold a liquid protein diet. The diet soon changed to involve full solid meals, and by the 1990s became a delivery service from which people could get microwavable or oven-cooked meals that they could make on their own without having to shop for ingredients or meal plan over several days. 

The diet became popular over the last two decades, as people have turned to meal delivery services rather than grocery shopping and meal planning for convenience. 

Following The Nutrisystem Diet 

Those following the system will choose breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack items online or over the phone for 28-day periods. 

The diet can be varied based on an individual’s body type and preferences. For example, if you’re gluten-free or have an allergy, you can use this information while choosing your meals in order to structure a diet that adheres to being gluten-free or avoids your specific allergies. 

Further, followers of the Nutrisystem diet are invited to make decisions about the kinds of vegetables and low-dairy products that they need for their meals. 

A Well-Known Diet 

Nutrisystem is frequently advertised as a way to meal plan with healthy foods, as well as a way to get the convenience of a food delivery system without having to give up any healthy eating habits. 

The most recent news surrounding the diet mainly has to do with updates to the company’s delivery plan, which have more recently become more inclusive and accessible with an auto-delivery system as well as the option to choose when meals are specifically delivered. 

What Experts Are Saying 

Some criticisms of the Nutrisystem diet are that because all of the meals are pre-planned, it takes away the learning that one would have to do in order to meal plan for themselves. Because sticking with a meal delivery service isn’t exactly sustainable for most individuals, it’s important for people to get a good idea of how to meal plan for themselves in order to continue eating healthy. 

Further, while there is the suggestion to exercise 30 minutes a day, some experts feel that Nutrisystem should be doing a better job getting followers of the diet to commit to being active while on the system, as this will present a better chance of weight loss and will create an overall healthier lifestyle in the long run. 

Celebrity Endorsements For Nutrisystem 

Several celebrities and pop culture icons have attested to finding success with Nutrisystem. Some, inlacing Marie Osmond and Genie Francis have said that they have seen weight loss each week since starting the diet and that it has greatly improved their overall health. 

A Way To Make Dieting Easy 

Nutrisystem is designed to take the guesswork away from dieting. Though it may not be a complete way to lose weight, it certainly presents an opportunity for people who feel like they’re too busy to meal plan to start eating better and take steps in the right direction. 

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