Power Plate

Power Plate

If you love the idea of getting a faster, more effective workout through a lot less effort on your part, listen up because the power plate might just be your jam. 

The power plate functions by giving you high-speed vigorous workout delivered through the use of multi-directional Whole Body Vibrations (WBV). These vibrations send messages through your nerves, recruiting both afferent systems carrying nerve impulses to the brain and efferent systems carrying them back to your muscles. 

This process causes your muscles to rapidly contract and relax, allowing you to put your body through thousands of muscle contractions in mere minutes. 

Just because the machine works your muscles when you stand still doesn’t mean you have to. Performing different movements and poses causes vibrations to isolate specific muscle groups in the body. 

Discovery and Development of Vibrational Therapy

It may seem hard to believe, but vibrational therapy applications date back to ancient Greece.

The first records of using vibrations to help the body heal faster come from efforts to help ancient Geek warriors recover faster from battle wounds and injuries. 

Greek doctors discovered that plucking the strings of a wooden, bow-shaped instrument over wounds made infections in open wounds clear up faster and broken bones heal more rapidly. 

Moving into the 19th century, knowledge of vibrational therapy began to spread. Dr. Jonas Gustav Sander, the very man who invented the modern gym in Sweden, fitted his fitness establishments with vibration machines for rapid muscle gain and weight loss. 

Russian scientists began conducting research on the effects of the phenomenon after John Kellog invented the whole body vibration machine. They used WBV on space cosmonauts to combat the loss of bone-density from living in a zero-gravity environment. 

Improving upon the existing design, Italian physiologist Carmelo Bosco effectively created the current Whole Body Vibration machine. 

How to Workout with the Power Plate

There are many different routines one can perform with this machine, but here is a basic sample workout using the power plate. Each pose is to be held for 1 minute and followed by a 15-second rest. Perform 3 sets of each to burn an average of 300 calories in 15 minutes. 

  1. V-sit Crunch: targets triceps and abdominals

Lying on the plate, hold a medicine ball above your chest as you extend your legs. Move the ball up and then to either side. 

  1. Weighted Squat Hold: targets quads and glute squat down and press your weight overhead.
  2. Leg Extension/Pull Up: Targets quads

With your right foot on the plate, extend the left forward 2 inches off the plate, then pull up at the knee and hip. 

  1. Angled Plank: Targets Abs, back, and shoulders  Hold a weight in each hand in the plank position, hands on the platform. Raise one arm up rotating to the side, and then the other. 


  • Increases bone density
  • Accelerates healing
  • Optimizes motor relearning
  • Improves sports performance 
  • Accelerates muscle growth
  • Increases  balance
  • Saves time
  • Low impact workout
  • Therapeutic applications


There are several fitness products on the market today the utilize WBV technology, including:

  • BCP Platform Vibration Machine
  • JUFIT Fitness Vibration Plate
  • Pro Vibration Plate
  • Orion Motor Tech

Take Advantage of a Fitness Tool That Treats Injuries

Aside from fitness, strength, and muscle gain, WBV technology has therapeutic applications for children, adults, and seniors alike. Treating a variety of illnesses, such as several neurological conditions, bone-density weaknesses, and scoliosis, the process has been used to treat Russian Cosmonauts and encourages “motor relearning.”

Even if you’re just in it for the fitness benefits, if you get hurt, you could recover faster, and that may come in handy as you age.

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