Memory Improvement

How to Improve Your Memory

Memories are quite funny things. You can remember your favorite song from the 1990s word-for-word, but you forget your keys literally every single time you try to leave your house. You’ll remember what you fought with your mom about three years ago, but you’ll forget her birthday. There are plenty of tips and tricks to help improve your memory – you can find 14 of them here – but those are only tips and tricks. 

What you need is to put the 6 scientifically-backed methods for actually training your brain to be better at memory permanently to the test!

Memory Boot Camp for the Brain

Before you ask – yes, there is a way to make your brain store and manage memory more effectively. Make sure that, while you are reading the methods, pay close attention to the different types of memory. This will help you understand your journey to better memory. The six science-based methods for improving your memory for good are:

  • Practice meditation. Meditation helps your brain’s working memory. Working memory is where new memories and information are held as they come in until the brain sorts them. Improving your working memory helps you to pay better attention.
  • Drink coffee. Caffeine can help improve memory consolidation – which is the process of strengthening your memories. Consuming caffeine after learning something new can improve your recollection of what you learned.
  • Eat more berries. Studies show that berries help to maintain your long-term memory, meaning that the berries can help prevent you from losing memories sooner than later.
  • Exercise more often. Memory recall is said to be improved with regular exercise – and you get healthier.
  • Chew gum. Chewing gum has been proven to help you remember new things that you learn while chewing your gum. Bring gum to all new lessons.
  • Get more sleep. Getting more sleep will help your memories be better consolidated. Sleep is when the brain does most of its analyzing and sorting of memories, so proper rest helps them get properly sorted.

See how to improve your memory here:

Don’t Trust Me – Trust the Scientists!

All of these methods help with different parts of memory and its storage. It’s almost like a memory-targeted workout plan for your brains. Well, it’s exactly like that. Start working your mind out today!

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