Cult Fit

Cult Fit

Founded by a former pro basketball player and fitness enthusiast Rishabh Telang, Cult Fit, in its physical form, is only a chain of 12 gyms throughout India and the UAE. 

Offering 50 minute energetic, play-based sessions consisting of yoga, mixed martial arts, zumba, or boxing, and other strength and conditioning exercises that uses no fancy machines or specialized equipment. 

In stark contrast to most of today’s modern gyms with all their treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, and weightlifting equipment, the training area of a Cult Fit is a minimalist space lined with rubber mats. Shelves along the periphery hold weights, medicine balls, and other basic household items. 

There are two main priorities at Cult FIt:

1: To make sure their workouts are accessible to anyone, in the gym or at home

2: To break up the monotony of a traditional fitness routine and make it feel like play. 

In a revolutionizing partnership, they took this simple but groundbreaking concept and went global, at least on a virtual scale if not physically, by teaming up with Cure Fit to provide an app for home workouts that utilize your apple iPad, phone, or watch. 

Anyone can download this app and do the ever-changing Cult Fit workouts wherever they are, whenever they have the time. 

History of Cult Fit

A young Rishabh Telang moved to Bengaluru, India’s silicon valley 7 years ago to work for a large IT firm called Wipro, where he was able to travel the world on the company dime. 

Sports and fitness had always been a priority for Telang, and he was able to attend various CrossFit and mixed martial arts centers, training with top tier coaches in the Netherlands and Finland. 

He realized he wanted to bring those fitness principles and culture to India. 

With that idea in mind, Cult was established in 2015, offering fitness classes such as martial arts and kickboxing. 

The next year, healthcare startup CureFIt bought out the company for $3 million. Closely following the Starbucks strategy of establishing centers close in proximation to one another in neighborhoods along the Silicon Valley of India, they were able to effectively choke out the competition. 

Currently boasting more than 10,000 members with each center bringing in roughly $10,000 per month, Cult plans to have 25-30 centers across the region by the end of 2019.

How to Perform Cult Fit Workouts: 

Though Cult Fit only has physical locations in India and the UAE, you can still reap the benefits of a Cult Fit workout from home by downloading the CureFit app on your iPad, iPhone, or Apple watch. 

Here is a sample Workout for Week 1: 


  • Head Nods
  • Head side to sides
  • Core Rotations
  • Side Reaches
  • Forward Bends

Move 1: Prison Squats. Stand with hands facing your temples, elbows out, and feet shoulder-width apart. Push your hips back and bend from the knees to lower yourself into a squat. Push back up. Perform up to 10 reps

Move 2: Pushups. Choose from Wall-pushups for beginners, knee-supported half pushups for intermediates, and full pushups for experts. Perform up to 10 reps. 

Move 3: Dips. Stand facing away from a chair or other stable support, holding the surface with both hands as you lower yourself, bending through the hips and elbows. Push back up. To make this easier, choose a higher surface. Perform up to 10 reps.

Move 4: One-Armed Row. Get down on all fours, placing one hand on a chair as you bend forward from the hips. Pull a weighted bag toward you and lower it to the ground. Perform up to 10 reps. 

Move 5: Planks. Lying face-down, push up onto your elbows, using your forearms and toes. Keep your body in a straight line and engaging the core. Hold up to 1 minute. 

Benefits of Cult Fit workouts on CureFit:

  • The app is free
  • No need to leave your house
  • No need to buy pricey equipment
  • No need to join a gym
  • Your workouts are always changing so you don’t get bored. 
  • Work out using only your watch, phone, or device and common household items. 


There are other fitness apps such as My Fitness Pal, One X Sensor, and Lifesum, but they simply don’t have all-inclusive features or capacity to compete with the reach and user-friendly interface of Cure Fit. 

Download Cult Fit to Keep Your Workout Dynamic

If you are tired of paying for a gym membership you simply don’t use enough because it’s boring or uninteresting, try CultFit. It’s absolutely free, the workouts always change, and you don’t need to buy equipment or even leave your house.

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