Corn And Black Bean

For the past several centuries in Mexico, corn and black beans have just gone together.

Sometimes, simple and fresh is the best way to make a great dinner. When a bright, flavorful salad comes together, it’s a great addition to any meal — or a meal on its own.

Corn and black beans might be more associated with salsa than they are with a traditional salad, but with the right flavors, the two vegetables can stand together as the backbone for a nutritious salad that provides all the tastes of a Mexican feast with few of the calories!

Why Are Black Beans So Healthy?

It’s well known that beans are a great source of protein, and black beans are considered to be one of the best sources available. Black beans are great because they help keep your appetite satiated for much longer because they’re full of fiber and protein, both of which take longer for your body to digest than simple sugars.

Because of their high protein levels, black beans are a staple of many vegetarian and weight-loss diets, as they replace many of the beneficial nutrients of meat without including harmful saturated fats. They’re also delicious either warn or cold, making them ideal in both Mexican dishes and in salads.

Is Corn a Healthy Vegetable?

Corn has long been one of the most maligned vegetables in the world because of a perceived lack of health benefits, but this has no basis in fact. Corn actually provides plenty of B vitamins that your body needs, and depending on how you prepare your corn, you can either add Vitamin C if it’s eaten raw or cancer-fighting antioxidants if you cook it.

So why does corn get such a bad reputation? It’s because when most people think of corn, they imagine buttered, salty corn in the cob — and any food can become unhealthy if it’s slathered in butter. Corn also gets docked because it’s a sweet vegetable, but its sugars are all natural and it’s lower in sugar than most fruits. Apples, bananas and beets are all considered quite healthy, but all three have more sugar than a serving of corn.

Where Is Corn and Black Bean Salad Commonly Eaten?

Corn and black beans are a common pairing in Mexican cooking because both vegetables are easy to obtain in the country. Mexico has long used corn in its tortillas, while beans grow well in warm weather and are abundant in the nation. In the United States, most of the corn comes from the Midwestern states, but Mexican influences throughout the nation have made the dish a common staple of Mexican fast-casual restaurants, such as Chipotle and Qdoba.

How Do I Make Corn and Black Bean Salad?

The first step for making a good corn and black bean salad is to get some high-quality frozen corn. Frozen corn is best for a salad because it has all the nutrients of fresh corn, yet doesn’t require any preparation. You’ll also want to rinse your black beans, because black beans are packaged in a large amount of juices, which are filled with excess sodium.

Once you’ve prepared the two main vegetables, you can add other great flavors, such as cilantro, avocado, lime vinaigrette and other flavors that fit well with a Mexican meal. If you think it would go well on a taco, it would likely fit well on a Mexican salad.

Corn and black bean salad might be a simple dish, but there’s nothing simple about any of the flavors involved. If you’re looking for a bright, colorful and delicious way to get people to eat their vegetables, this is one of your top options.

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