Designed to connect people through fitness, CoFit is a great way to work towards your exercise goals while sharing your progress with likeminded people!

Though fitness is often a solitary journey, CoFit proves that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re more inspired when you have a workout buddy or someone to challenge you, you may just want to think about joining the CoFit movement!

A Development In The World Of Exercise 

Created by the Tokyo-based startup CoFit Movement, CoFit is designed to challenge the way each and every one of us sees our fitness journey. 

Instead of focusing on individuality within exercise, the goal of the movement is to connect people throughout the world and to measure success based on that connection rather than on hitting certain numerical goals. 

Building Fitness Teams

Though it may seem similar to taking a fitness class, CoFit exercises strive to use group and partner exercises, non-verbal communication, and interactive challenges to boost the connection between individuals during a workout. 

Plus, the idea behind the movement is to create long-term relationships with those that you’re working out with. CoFit exercises are dependent on there being at least two people present, as the exercises must be done with at least one other person. 

Diving In To CoFit 

Before you join a CoFit team, there are several fitness workshops that CoFit classes will offer. Prepare by attending these workshops, and start by getting to know your partners and other teammates that you’ll be working with during the process. 

Other ways you can prepare for CoFit: 

  • Make sure to stretch out and warm up before any exercise classes to prevent accidental injury. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing to maximize your range of motion. 

What To Expect

If you’re going into CoFit for the first time, here are some experiences you might come across: 

  • Several partner or group-based exercises, such as two-person stretching routines
  • Simulated weight training with one or two other individuals 
  • Interactive activities and challenges that use both strength and problem-solving skills 

A Social Exercise

If you’re the kind of person looking to make connections with others, or you’re simply up for trying something new, CoFit can be great for you. 

The benefits of the exercise have a lot to do with your strength and range of motion training. However, the social aspect of CoFit teams can also really help take your exercise routine from a chore to something you look forward to each week. 

Getting to know your partners and yourself is a great way to build trust with others while you get a solid workout. 

Other Ways To Make Connections 

If you don’t have a CoFit class near you, all is not lost! Try and see if there are any local fitness groups in your area, or get your own started with a group of trusted friends. Together, you can hold each other accountable to your workout goals. 

Try The CoFit Journey Today 

Bringing a social aspect to exercise can be a great way to switch up your regular workouts! Connecting with others while working your body will help benefit you both emotionally and physically. 

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