Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover

The cable crossover is a chest-strengthening exercise that is done with the use of a cable machine. 

Also known as standing cable crossovers, this exercise is a staple in bodybuilding and weightlifting routines, as it focuses on the shoulders, chest, and even the upper back. These stabilizing muscles help provide the building blocks for upper-body strength, stamina, and endurance. 

An Exercise Built On The Cable Machine 

Chest-strengthening exercises have been big since the mid-1900s. As strongmen and bodybuilding grew in popularity, exercises designed to focus on the chest and upper back became more and more integrated into everyday lifting and workout routines. 

However, it wasn’t until the mid 20th century that more targeted chest exercises were really starting to be seen. In fact, the cable crossover was invented after the invention of the cable machine itself, which occurred in 1950. 

After the cable machine became popular, weightlifters, bodybuilders, trainers, and athletes started to use the machine for a variety of different exercises. This led to the evolution of the cable crossover as we know it today. 

Anatomy Of A Cable Crossover 

To do the cable crossover, an individual will position themselves facing away from the cable machine with the pulleys in position above their head. 

After selecting the desired amount of weight resistance for the exercise, the individual will hold the pulleys in each hand before stepping forward in a straight line. From here, they’ll extend their arms straight out to the side until they feel a stretch in the chest area. 

At this point, the position will be held for a few moments before the cables are brought back to their starting position. 

How The Cable Crossover Has Changed

The cable crossover has changed with improvements to the cable machine. After all, the workout can’t be done without the presence of this type of equipment! 

As the cable machine has gotten more precise and adjustable, the cable crossover has gotten to the point where it can be modified with a number of different weight settings in order to provide different targeted workouts. 

The Popular Cable Crossover 

Because both cable machines and chest strengthening are so important in the weightlifting and fitness communities, you’ll find someone doing the exercise in most gyms or fitness centers. 

The cable machine is considered a staple of gym equipment, so you may also see variations of the exercise being done while at the gym! One of the great things about this move is that it can be adjusted to fit a variety of exercise goals. 

Using The Cable Crossover For Your Routine 

If you want to try the cable crossover or add it to your exercise routine, head on down to your gym! You’ll be able to not only access a cable machine, but you can ask any trainers or gym staff to help you properly set the machine up and set your weight level. 

Build Up Your Chest 

The cable crossover can be a great way to boost upper-body strength. Based on the adjustability of the cable machine, this move is one that you can use to fit your exercise needs!

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