Bowflex began as a single machine designed to cover all the bases of in-home health and fitness.

The Bowflex 2000X, first offered to the public in 1986, was unique in the home exercise equipment category because instead of involving free weights or pulley machines it utilized polymer rods to create resistance. Bowflex has since grown to be a household name and now offers everything from treadmills & ellipticals to dumbbells & benches, in addition to all-in-one machines.

The Bowflex Story

Bowflex 2000X, the machine that started it all, was invented by an Ethiopian American entrepreneur named Dosho Tessema Shifferaw. The story is that Shifferaw, a student attending City of San Francisco College at the time, was actually attempting to create an ergonomic chair as required for a class project. He ended up inventing the original, immensely successful Bowflex home weight machine and becoming a multimillionaire because of it. Additionally, Dosho received the Minority Business Development from the U.S. Department of Commerce in 2005.

Modern Advancements 

Today Bowflex offers two different options for all-in-one home gym systems: The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym and the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym. The Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym is the more affordable option of the two by far, costing half the price of the Revolution Home Gym. The Revolution Home Gym boasts over 100 exercise possibilities while the less expensive Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym offers over 70. The Revolution Home Gym also offers integrated workout DVDs and a vertical bench press feature that the Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym does not. Both machines include 5-way hand-grip and ankle cuffs as well as leg developers. (109) 

The Bowflex Difference 

According to Bowflex, the main benefit of using a Bowflex home gym machine as opposed to traditional machines is advanced resistance technology. As described by Bowflex, the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym and Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym do not rely on gravity. This eliminates inertia entirely which makes ‘cheating’ virtually inaccessible to users. The lack of inertia and reliance on gravity also help lessen the average strain on joints and tendons caused by exercise. 

Power Rod Technology 

Referred to as the secret of Bowflex’s best sellers, power rod technology is used in the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym. Users experience less resistance at the beginning of every exercise with gradually increased resistance as more reps are completed. Power Rod technology is what makes this progressive resistance possible. 

SpiraFlex Technology 

Users who enjoy the feel of traditional weight stacks found in gyms will appreciate SpiraFlex technology. SpiraFlex technology is utilized in the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym. This technology utilizes linear resistance more similar to what traditional gym enthusiasts have likely grown accustomed to.

Benefits of Resistance Training with Bowflex

  • Strengthened muscles and a leaner body
  • Increased metabolism speed
  • Reduced body fat percentage
  • Increased energy throughout the day 
  • Reduced back pain 
  • Reduced joint pain 
  • Increased HDL (“good” cholesterol) 
  • Increased bone density 
  • Increased digestion speed 
  • Reduced blood pressure 

Bowflex has become a household name for good reason and now offers an expansive range of fitness equipment. Users are able to enjoy all the many benefits of resistance training without spending additional time or money on a gym membership. With payment plans available, Bowflex is more accessible now than ever before.

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