Supine Row

Supine Row

If you’re confused about row exercises that don’t use a rowing machine, you’re not alone.

The Supine Row sounds like a movement you would perform on a traditional rowing machine, but this type of Row comes from another family of exercises altogether. Popular for its positive impact toward multiple fitness and athletic pursuits, it is actually performed on a different machine altogether.

What Is The Supine Row Exercise?

The Supine Row, also known as the Inverted Row, is an exercise used in weight training to engage the upper back muscles, especially the traps and lats. Secondarily, it also works the biceps. It requires the use of a Smith Machine, and the user will lay flat on their back to begin.

A Brief History

The Smith Machine was developed by Rudy Smith in the 1950s, but Supine Rows were not part of Smith’s original vision for his machine. This exercise developed in the last three decades, as the functional fitness movement gained popularity.

Understanding More About The Supine Row

The Supine Row is a bodyweight strength training exercise, meaning no additional weight is needed to effectively perform the exercise. However, you will need the use of a Smith Machine.

The Supine Row is also a functional fitness exercise, as it helps to build muscle movements that assist in daily tasks.

Prepping For This Exercise

To complete Supine Rows, you’ll need a Smith Machine. Position yourself under the bar while lying flat on your back. You will not need to add weight plates, as you won’t be lifting the bar.

Step By Step Instructions For A Perfect Supine Row

Like many strength training movements, feeling the burn with a Supine Row requires using proper form. Follow these steps for the best results:

  1. Grip the bar with an overhand grip.
  2. Exhale and bring the bar straight into your chest by pulling your body upward so that only your heels remain on the floor. The bar should touch your chest. Engage your core and hip muscles so that your hips don’t sag down or rise up – you should maintain a straight body posture at all times.
  3. Hold the position for one second, then inhale as you lower yourself back down.
  4. Repeat your desired amount of repetitions in a slow and controlled manner.

Supine Row Benefits

In general, row exercises increase everything from strength and power to speed and endurance, making them popular training for a plethora of athletic pursuits.

In the case of the Supine Row, not only does it develop thickness and width in the upper back muscles, it is also a great way to build up your strength for Pull-Ups if you are working toward that particular fitness goal.

Row Variations And Modifications

Supine Rows are the bodyweight version of rows that use barbells or other forms of added weight.

You can also perform a more advanced version of the Supine Row by turning it into a Decline Supine Row.

If you’re looking for an accessible exercise helpful for any number of fitness goals, the Supine Row is a good bet. It is easy to learn and works muscles that can be difficult to target with other beginner-level strength training exercises.

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