Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps not only help the body but can simultaneously help stimulate hormone production critical for muscle growth.

They engage the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, while also working out the core and even parts of the upper body. They are truly an excellent exercise if you are looking to build strength quickly and put on muscle.

Squatting Through the Years

The squat jump is a variation of this squat which was first referenced in 1919. During a lifting competition in Germany Carl Moerke took the gold over Hermann Goerner by squatting 529 lbs. In 1915, a few years earlier, a book called “First Course in Body-Building and Muscle-Developing Exercises” by the Milo Bar-Bell Company described an exercise called the ‘deep knee bend,’ which was in many ways similar to the squat. Since, it has evolved and become one of the most dynamic and macho exercises, it has produced many variations, including the squat jump. These variations aim to enhance the exercise and how it targets specific muscles.

Learning How

To do a squat jump, first set your base by placing your feet shoulder length apart. Then, do a regular squat by sitting back, as if you are sitting in a chair. Engage your hamstrings and lead with your glutes. Make sure that you are also keeping your core tight, and not slouching your shoulders. When you are in the squat position, quickly engage your core and hamstrings to leap off the ground explosively. Your arms should move from positioned behind you to being straight above you, in an ‘I’ shape. 

When you land, you want to be sure to land in a controlled fashion. Value form over speed. This should result in a relatively soft landing. If your landing is loud, it could injure your knees and shows that you are not controlling your muscles. Make sure that when you are landing, you also allow your body to lower back into the original squatting position. This is one rep.

Variations of the squat jump primarily involve adding weight in different areas. You can add dumbbells in each hand, but make sure that you are not using your arms to lift them but instead the power from your legs and jump. Often, people also will squat jump for length and will set markers on the ground. They will go around in a square, doing both front and back moving squat jumps and side to side squat jumps. This will allow them to really spread the impact all over their bodies.

Why Squat?

The benefit of the squat jump is, most obviously, building up your leg muscles. As previously mentioned, they can also help expedite your metabolism and stimulate the production of hormones like testosterone.


The squat jump is an exercise that is necessary to promote entire body fitness and fat burning. It has a range of benefits, and in addition to muscle building will help you burn calories and fat quicker. Its many variations will allow you to find the perfect routine of squat jumps or modified squat jumps to build the body that you want.

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