Salsa Chicken

Salsa’s a great way to spice up chicken, adding flavors and moisture at once.

Not only does salsa provide a new level of tastes to chicken breasts, but it opens up the door for a wide range of flavors to pair with your chicken. It’s versatile enough to sit on a bed of beans or rice, yet delicious enough to be eaten plain with nothing more than some cheese and herbs. Salsa chicken has its home in the Southwest, but it’s now something that anyone can enjoy wherever they are.

What is Salsa?

That depends on the country that you’re discussing. In the United States and Mexico, salsa is incredibly straightforward. It’s a sauce that’s used to add Southwestern flavors to a wide range of dishes and lock much of that moisture in with the chicken.

However, that’s not the case in Spain. In Spain, salsa is a word that’s meant to cover a lot of different uses, so it’s actually meant to mean any kind of sauce that’s used in any kind of recipe. If it’s used in any way to add flavor and moisture to a dish, it’s considered to be a form of salsa in Spain.

Why Use Salsa For Chicken?

Because salsa is made with tomatoes, it’s often a healthy way to get some more vegetables into your diet, as well as add some new flavors from dairy sources. Salsa pairs well with cheese and sour cream, for example, which can cut through spicier flavors and make the dish more palatable to people who might not be able to stomach spicy foods. Basically, if you think that it works well in a Mexican dish, it’s fair game to use in salsa chicken.

How Is Salsa Chicken Cooked?

The heat source you use for salsa chicken depends entirely on how much time you have and how much creativity you want to put into your meal. If you just want to get dinner on the table in a matter of minutes, you can go with something as simple as a dump and bake chicken dinner. Dump and bake allows you to put a wide range of flavors together in a few minutes, as all you have to do is cut up your proteins and your vegetables to their desired size and then bake the recommended amount of time.

Baking is another great option because it makes it easy for you to get new flavors into the dish. When you bake salsa chicken, you’ve got to make sure that your chicken maintains the moisture from the salsa while incorporating the new flavors you’re trying to impart onto your dish.

Your final option for cooking salsa chicken is to trust your slow cooker to do the job. Like with other chicken recipes, the slow cooker is perfect for those who have plenty of time to wait until they can actually sit down to dinner, provided that they’ve actually got the time to set up the meal in the first place. If you choose the slow cooker option, you’ll want to make sure that your chicken is properly covered by the salsa, as this will give it the best chance to penetrate the breast and get the flavors you want in the finished dish.

Salsa chicken might seem to be a deconstructed Mexican meal, but it’s also a great way to take the humble chicken breast and give it a completely different personality. If you’re in the mood for Mexican but don’t have any tortillas available, this could be a great way to get those flavors in with what you have available.

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