Rickshaw Carry

Rickshaw Carry

What exercise packs some serious muscle burn and requires an extra-large piece of equipment?

If you guessed the Rickshaw Carry, you’re spot on. You won’t see this exercise performed very often, as it’s typically done only by professional weightlifters. For those who train with this movement, though, the reward is significant forearm strength – and bragging rights.

The Rickshaw Carry In Brief

The Rickshaw Carry is a Strongman lift that is meant to work the forearms. It involves lifting a large metal or wooden frame loaded with weight plates and walking quickly with the heavy load. It is also used to increase grip strength, and it is sometimes called the Frame Carry.

The Rickshaw Carry is performed at Strongman and CrossFit competitions to test speed, grip and strength.

The Rickshaw Carry Throughout History

The Rickshaw Carry and similar exercises that utilize large pieces of weighted equipment have a basis in functional fitness. Strength coach Dan John is widely credited with bringing weighted carries – and the Rickshaw Carry, in particular – into mainstream use among serious lifters.

Understanding More About This Type Of Exercise

The Rickshaw Carry is a weighted carry exercise, meaning the muscles that make up your core and trunk engage to work against tremendous amounts of weight. This builds unilateral strength in the body and typically helps powerlifters and Strongman competitors to increase their numbers in other types of lifts.

The Rickshaw Carry is similar in form and performance to two other weighted carry exercises, the Farmer’s Walk and the Timber Carry.

Preparation For Mastering The Rickshaw Carry

If you’re planning to try the Rickshaw Carry, you should be an advanced level weightlifter with experience in big lifts. You’ll need to have quite a bit of practice with the deadlift, in particular, to succeed with the Rickshaw Carry. You will also need a frame and weight plates for this exercise.

How To Perform A Rickshaw Carry In Five Steps

  1. Begin by positioning the frame at the starting point, as this exercise will have you covering lots of ground.
  2. Load the frame with your chosen amount of weight, then stand inside the center of the frame.
  3. Grip the handles and drive down through your heels to lift the entire frame off the ground. Your chest and head should remain up, and your back should be straight.
  4. Don’t hesitate – once the frame is off the ground, begin walking forward as fast as you can using small, quick steps. Make sure you do not hold your breath; continue breathing as you walk.
  5. When you’ve reached the designated end point, drop the frame to the ground.

Serious Benefits For A Serious Exercise

When it comes to functional fitness – that is, training that enhances the body’s ability to complete real-life moves like pulling and reaching – the ability to lift and carry is paramount. For this reason, one of the biggest benefits of the Rickshaw Carry is its ability to create an intense functional fitness workout for the practitioner.

The Rickshaw Carry is used for hypertrophy and building muscle strength. It is used by Strongman competitors to build grip strength, specifically support grip and pinch grip.

Here are a few additional benefits:

  • Enhanced coordination
  • Increased core strength
  • Improved shoulder girdle performance

Variations Of The Rickshaw Carry

In some competitions, Rickshaw Carry performers must lift the frame with just one hand. It can also be made of various materials, including metal and wood.

If you’re engaging in serious weight training and lifting maximum loads, the Rickshaw Carry will offer multiple benefits to enhance your athletic performance. Just be sure to practice proper form to ensure safe lifts every time.

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