Reverse Flye

Reverse Flye

The reverse flye is one of the most popular exercises for body builders who are looking to stimulate their muscle growth in their middle and upper back, traps, and rhomboids.

Reverse Flye exercise can be done in a variety of ways and with a variety of equipment. Some of the most common ways to go about doing reverse flye is by using either dumbbells, resistance bands, or a cable machine to add weight.

Flye into the Gym

To do the reverse flye with a pair of dumbbells, first, start by grabbing one in each hand. If it is your first time doing this, it is recommended that you start with lower weight until you get more confident with the form. While grabbing the dumbbells bend forward at your hips so the floor and your torso are parallel and your feet are shoulder-width apart. The dumbbells should be hanging straight down, and likely just below the knee, with both your arms and knees slightly bent.

From this position, always make sure that you are keeping your back and torso as flat as possible. Then, with your palms facing inward, raise your arms out to your sides until they, too, are parallel with your body. Pause when they hit the plane where they are parallel, and then returned to the starting position in a slow and controlled fashion.

The Many Forms of The Flye

The reverse flye is also an exercise that is very well known for its wide variety of different variations. Each of its variations works to target and train different muscle groups while at the same time building up the body as a whole. Here are a few examples of the most popular variations of this exercise:

  • The cable machine reverse flye can be done in a similar manner, except instead of using dumbbells it is done with a cable machine. This will put more weight on the rear shoulders and may be easier to grip than dumbbells because of the handles.
  • This exercise can also be done on an incline bench for those who may be new to training or are recovering from an injury. For this variation, you should be lying on the bench, which allows you to lift heavier weights without necessarily impacting your core. It provides maximum support and will enable you to focus solely on your arms and shoulders.
  • The kneeling reverse flye is one that enables you to focus more specifically on your core muscles. It also is excellent for those looking to build up the muscles in their lower back. This exercise utilizes a resistance band, and you should be holding the band with your palms facing inward. Then while kneeling, open your arms out until you are in a T shape and pull your shoulders further back to maintain your posture.

The benefit of doing this exercise is that it is a relatively simple way to support muscular symmetry and build up a wide range of upper body muscles. As previously mentioned, it can also be done with a much lower weight to build up muscle memory or help those who are currently in physical therapy and not able to work with extremely heavy weights. 


During this exercise, it is very crucial to always consistently add reps and weights in order to gain stimulation in maximum muscle growth. If done correctly and surrounded by equally positive conditions, this can be one of the most dynamic exercises for those looking to build up their upper body. So what are you waiting for? Give Reverse Flye a try today!

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