Want to learn a statement exercise, one that sets you apart from the crowd?

Muscle-Ups are just that – an advanced, intense upper-body workout that most are too intimidated to even attempt. Referred to as a “beast” by many in the fitness world, mastering it will earn you serious gym cred, along with a physique that will be the envy of all your friends.

What Is The Muscle-Up?

The Muscle-Up is an advanced exercise, combining elements of both strength training and calisthenics. It is made up of two separate movements done in combination: the radial pull-up and dip. It requires lifting your full bodyweight with just your arms and hands. It typically requires learning six progressions toward it before performing a Muscle-Up is physically possible.

Historical Basis Of This Advanced Move

Muscle-Ups evolved from the world of gymnastics and calisthenics. Today, the Muscle-Up is most often seen in advanced CrossFit workouts, where it is celebrated as an elite-level exercise attempted by few and mastered only by those with the grit and determination to stick with it.

Understanding More About The Muscle-Up

The Muscle-Up represents advanced strength training, with a dose of calisthenics to boot. It requires immense body strength – both pulling and pressing strength – and is akin to the pull-up in that it utilizes a bar above the practitioner’s head. The difference is that, instead of pulling upward on the bar to chin-height, you pull yourself up to waist-height.

Serious Preparation For A Serious Workout

Conventional wisdom among Muscle-Up pros is that you should be able to do ten pull-ups in succession before you can properly and safely complete a Muscle-Up. You should also be able to perform dips.

Finally, you’ll need to set your expectations – it will take time and effort to learn this exercise.

Muscle-Up Like A Pro – Step By Step Instructions To Succeed

  1. Grab the bar and create swing movement by engaging your abdominals and glutes. Swing your legs back and forth while keeping your torso centered.
  2. When your legs swing in front of you – AKA the “hollow” body position, pull down on the bar with arms straight and lift your hips up to your hands, while whipping your head over the bar.
  3. Now, from the bottom of traditional dip position, press your body upward with a tensed core and your legs in front.
  4. Celebrate your achievement – not many people can complete a Muscle-Up!

Benefits Of The Muscle-Up

Besides the obvious bragging rights that come with performing this advanced move, you will also get the following benefits:

  • Increased grip strength
  • Symmetrical arm muscle growth through working both the biceps and triceps equally
  • Core muscle engagement that melts belly fat

Challenging Variations

For those who have mastered the Muscle-Up, it can be turned into a full-body exercise by adding leg movements to complement the upper-body work.

Traditional Muscle-Ups can also be done on gymnastic rings, rather than a pull-up bar, and the bar can be adjusted higher or lower for modified workouts.

If you’re game to take on this intimidating and challenging exercise – and you put in the time to master it – you’ll reap fitness benefits few others achieve.

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