Landmine Squat Press

Landmine Squat Press

The landmine squat press is one of the most dynamic kinds of squats, and one that is recommended by many trainers for extreme lower body gains.

It is a way to train not only the entire lower body, but also an adequate way to strengthen the abs, core, and hips. Many people looking to put on muscle quickly have made it a regular part of their workout schedule.

Superhero Squats

Don Saladino is one of the best strength coaches, and he specifically trains actors who are going to play superheroes in movies. For instance, he trained both Ryan Reynolds and David Harbour to play their roles as Deadpool and Hellboy. He has primarily made the landmine popular and uses it as one of the key exercises to train these superheroes.

To do this exercise, all you need is a barbell and a landmine base. Many gyms do have landmine bases. However, if your gym does not, they are available for purchase online for only around 20 dollars. Set the barbell up, so one side is positioned in the landline base, and start out with the amount of weight that works for you. If you are doing this exercise for the first time, consider doing it without weight until you have mastered the form.

Next, grab the end of the bar not attached to the base. Hold it with both hands in an overhand grip, so the end is at about the height of your head. You should be standing with your knees bent and your feet a little further apart than your shoulders. While in this position squat while holding the barbell in the same position. When you reach the lowest point in the depth of your squat, explode back up. The most important part of this exercise is your form. Without proper form, this exercise can cause pain and won’t properly build up your muscles.

The Perks

The exercise has many benefits. First, it is a good option for those who can’t put as much weight on their shoulders, neck, or back. So typically squats are down with a barbell balanced on the shoulders. This relieves that weight and thus is an alternative that can prevent back pain. However, it still puts the same amount of weight on your legs and lower body, enabling you to have just as dynamic of a workout.

In addition to this perk, it also diminishes the downsides that front squatting can have. For many people, front squatting can be uncomfortable, difficult, or painful. Additionally, it can be more dangerous because of the weight on your back. This alternative distributes the weight in a different way that enables you to avoid the negative aspects of the front squat.

During this exercise, most people recommend doing four sets of 12 reps each. Another good alternative is doing four sets, the first one 12, second two 8, and the fourth one at 4, while simultaneously adding weight. This is the best option if you are looking to build muscle quickly.


The landmine squat press is one of the most dynamic types of squats that you can implement in your workout schedule. It enables you to effectively build up your lower body while avoiding a lot of the negative facets that come with squatting with a barbell on your back.

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