Survive A Shuttle Run

How To Survive A Shuttle Run

Shuttle runs can certainly be quite the undertaking, whether you’re an experienced track and field runner or just a beginner!

Shuttle runs test your agility and speed, and are often done to train for cross country or other athletic events. Though the shuttle run can certainly be a difficult exercise, there are absolutely ways you can prepare for it!

Keep Your Fitness Up 

In order to excel at the shuttle jump, it’s important that you’re comfortable with a variety of fitness exercises

One way to train for the shuttle run is to practice your side jump. Shuttle runs involve quite a bit of lateral speed, so you’ll want to help increase your jumping power and overall agility. 

Keeping your center of gravity low, practice jumping from side to side for several sets each day leading up to your shuttle run.

You may also want to try running up hills to work on your sprinting power and endurance. You don’t need to run up an entire hill for this. Instead, you can do short ten-second sprints to build up your strength! 

Make sure that you’re keeping hydrated and otherwise paying attention to your body so that you’re not pushing yourself too hard or straining any muscles. 

Give Your Body An Energy Boost 

The night before a shuttle run, you’ll want to stock up on carbs to give your body the energy it needs to succeed. Many competitive runners will take part in similar practices in order to make sure they’ve got the necessary stamina to reach their goals. 

Of course, you’ll want to pace yourself while you eat. Overindulging can result in a stomach ache, or can make you feel tired and weighed-down during the race – two things you’ll definitely want to avoid!

Work On Making Your Body Strong 

Between ensuring that you’re keeping your body in tip-top shape and making sure to eat a good dinner the night before your race, you’re sure to be ready to survive any shuttle run!

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