Front Raise

Front Raise

It pays to master the fundamentals of any sport, and the Front Raise is integral as a basic weight training movement.

Popular for both men and women, lean-muscled or totally jacked, this strength training exercise offers benefits to everyone. It can be done with very little weight or significant weight, depending upon fitness level and desired muscle achievement.

The Front Raise In Brief

The Front Raise is a weightlifting exercise designed to increase strength in the anterior deltoid and the pectoral muscles. It is done with dumbbells of varying weights, depending upon the user’s fitness level. It is also called, more formally, the Standing Dumbbell Front Raise.

The Front Raise Throughout History

It’s difficult to nail down the exact development and evolution of this basic weight training movement, but it has been popular throughout the twentieth century. It is one of the first lifts learned by new students of weight training.

Understanding More About The Front Raise

The Front Raise is strength training at its most basic. It is an isolation exercise for the shoulders, specifically, isolating your shoulder flexion.  

How To Prepare For this Exercise

In order to perform a Front Raise, you’ll need two dumbbells at a weight appropriate to your fitness level.

Step By Step Instructions For A Perfect Front Raise

While this move is basic, it’s still important to use proper form to avoid injury and reap all the strength training benefits it’s designed to achieve. Follow these six steps for success:

  1. Stand tall, with your feet shoulder width apart and planted firmly on the ground so that your weight is evenly distributed.
  2. Hold one dumbbell in each hand, letting them hang down at natural arm’s length at your sides.
  3. Turn your hands inward so that your palms face one another.
  4. You’ll want to bend your elbows slightly, rather than keeping them in “lockout” for the entirety of this lift.
  5. Raise both arms at the same time, straight out in front of you so that they are perpendicular to your upper body and parallel to the ground. When your arms are raised, your palms will face downward to the floor.
  6. Repeat repetitions of 10-15, resting your muscles for several minutes in between reps.

Front Raise Benefits: It’s Not Just About the Shoulders

Front Raises are well-known for working the shoulder muscles, and that’s why most people perform them – they are especially beneficial to anyone wanting to strengthen the deltoids.

However, Front Raises also have the lesser-known benefits of working the chest muscles and improving core strength.

A Variation For Beginners

The traditional Front Raise is always done with both arms working in tandem; that is, raising and lowering together. However, this can be challenging for those new to the lift. Beginners, or anyone nursing an injury, should start with Single-Arm Front Raises, in which you raise just one arm at a time, alternating left to right and back again.

Strength training offers full-body health and wellness benefits, and the Front Raise is an excellent lift to learn as you begin a strength training regimen. Use proper form, focus on building your weight slowly and you’ll soon be ready to take on more advanced upper body lifts.

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