Captain’s Chair

Captain’s Chair

If you need to rest at the gym, the Captain’s Chair isn’t your best bet.

This workout machine is far from restful, offering an abdominal muscle workout that has been labeled 200 percent more effective than crunches. Many users prefer it to other ab workouts because it offers back support.

What Is The Captain’s Chair?

The Captain’s Chair is a piece of fitness equipment featuring a tall back and arms – but, unlike a traditional chair, there is no seat. It can be used to perform several different exercises that work the rectus abdominis muscles and the obliques.

Historical Perspective

The Captain’s Chair evolved, as many modern fitness machines did, from the popular physical culture movement of the early 20th century. While the exact etymology of this workout is unknown, it is widely considered one of the most impactful abdominal workouts.

More About This Type Of Exercise

The Captain’s Chair is used exclusively for a, anaerobic strength training workout targeting all the abdominal muscle groups. It includes a menu of multiple exercises, ranging from beginner to advanced level, so that it offers a versatile way to work your core. Since it allows for more targeted engagement of the abdominal muscles that better-known exercises like crunches and sit-ups, it produces results more quickly and with fewer repetitions.

How To Prep For A Captain’s Chair Workout Session

You’ll want to prepare for your Captain’s Chair workout by assuming position in the chair. Remember, there is no seat, so you will stand inside the chair. Lean into the backrest and apply pressure with your back, and grip the handles with your arms on the arm rests.

Using The Captain’s Chair: Guidance for Beginners And Advanced Users

Use the Captain’s Chair to perform the following abdominal workout based on your fitness level:

Standard Captain’s Chair Crunch (Beginner)

  1. Hang your legs straight down.
  2. Pull both knees up to the chest, engaging your abs as you do so.
  3. Slowly lower your legs back down.

Straight Leg Lift (Advanced)

  1. Extend your legs down toward the floor, keeping them tightly together.
  2. Raise your legs up to a position parallel to the floor by bending at the hips. This motion should be controlled, not swinging.
  3. Return your legs to the starting position.

Benefits Of Captain’s Chair Usage

The main benefit of Captain’s Chair work is that it can help you get the six-pack abs of your dreams while utilizing the machine’s back support.

As an added benefit, this exercise also works the hip flexors. These muscles are important in supporting the core and in helping to prevent injury.

A Multitude Of Captain’s Chair Exercise Variations

Multiple exercises are done on a Captain’s Chair, each working the core muscles, though in different ways. This includes:

  • Captain’s Chair Crunch
  • Straight Leg Lift
  • Oblique Crunch
  • Single-Leg Lifts

Work toward performing three sets of ten for each of these exercises as you grow your core strength.

If you’re tired of doing hundreds of conventional crunches or sit-ups without achieving your desired results, it’s time to level-up your abdominal workout game. Try the Captain’s Chair for a more effective and versatile core workout.

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