Bulgarian Squat with Slam Ball

Bulgarian Squat with Slam Ball

The Bulgarian squat with slam ball may be one of the most dynamic exercises a person wanting to build up their whole body can do.

It is an exercise that results in you balancing on a slam ball, while simultaneously strengthening your glutes. The exercise can be done by all sorts of people and is one of the most dynamic exercises you can do for full-body strength.

Slam Ball Without the Slam

The great beauty of this exercise is that it is strengthening and working just about every muscle in your body. It is also somewhat of an atypical way to use a slam ball, as they are not frequently used to work the lower body.

The way the exercise works is that it creates a situation where you not only need to be able to hold the ball, but also to work hard to balance it with your own weight. It is an exercise that most directly targets arm muscles, leg muscles, and core muscles, but involves many others. By having to hold the ball, your stability is challenged even more. You don’t just have to do the workout; you also have to do the workout motion while simultaneously balancing on a ball.

To do the exercise, first, start with your feet together and the slam ball behind you. As if doing a backward lunge, step one foot back and place it on the ball so that your toes are facing the ground and balanced on the ball. Make sure that you are working to keep your weight on your heel. Then, from that position, lower your body into a lunge while bending your knee toward the floor. Your knee, when moving toward the floor, should assume a right angle. Your other knee should be directly atop of your ankle and even with shoulder width. Then, when dipped, straighten your legs both and returning to a standing position.

The Bulgarian Squat Through the Years

The exercise also has a deep history and was initially named in the 1980s. At this point, the assistant coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Natural Team was touring the United States to talk about lifting methods. He spoke about this squat and said that it was one of the most successful methods to train weightlifters.

The Bulgarian squat eventually evolved and produced many iterations. One iteration uses the slam ball to balance on instead of a step. By using this extra device, it can quickly and effectively challenge your balance and force you a bit outside your comfort zone.

Other ways that people do this involves a step. Instead of putting their toes on the ball, they put it on a step or small table. This simplifies the exercise and focuses more on strength than on balance.


As previously mentioned, the Bulgarian squat using the slam ball is one of the most dynamic exercises you can do. It truly results in better full-body health and strength, and it protects against injuries by strengthening a wide range of muscles.

The most important thing you can do while doing this rather intense exercise is to listen to your body. Start low on weight at first, if you end up adding any, and see how your body and muscles respond up to a few days after you incorporate this exercise into your workout.

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