Break Dancer

Break Dancer

Breakdancing is a dynamic and energetic style of dance incorporating incredible feats of strength, agility, balance, and coordination. 

The break dancer exercise attempts to ‘break down’ some basic elements of a classic hands-and feet-style break dance rotation, utilizing bodyweight resistance to build lean muscle. 

This full-body compound cardio-focused movement primarily targets the muscles supporting your wrists and core, including the forearm flexors, rectus abdominis, and obliques. Other areas worked during the break dancer include the upper pectorals, upper back, and shoulders as well as the biceps, triceps, hamstrings, and quadriceps. 


An American born tradition, break dancing originated in the African American and Latino-dominated neighborhoods of New York City in the 1960s. The dance moves mimicked street-fighting tactics developed by the gangs dominating the area.  

Including stylized movements and fast footwork such as spinning on the head, hands, and knees, break dancing is one of the most athletic and energetic forms of dance in modern history. 

An improvisational dance form, break dancing has no standard moves or step sequencing. Rather, the style places its emphasis on elements of creativity, danger, innovation, dynamic movement, and energy. 

Break dancing is used as a kind of interpretive dance to convey the rough and chaotic world of life on the streets and in the ghettos from whence it evolved. 

Break dance culture embraces a style of dress including baggy pants, sweat or track suits, jerseys, sneakers, baseball caps and general athletic apparel, as well as flashy gold or diamond-encrusted jewelry. 

How to Perform the Break Dancer

Step 1: Bend down, placing your hands on the ground and stacking your shoulders over your wrists.  Your Feet should be hip-distance apart with the knees bent at 90 degrees. Keep your back flat and abs engaged. This is your start position. 

Step 2: Lift your right hand and your left foot off the floor, rotating your hips to bring your left leg across your body and kick it out to the right side. 

Step 3: Switch hand placement as you rotate your hips hack and kick your right foot to your left side. 

Step 4: Repeat the process through the desired number of repetitions. 


  • Tones and strengthens obliques, abs, and lower back
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Efficiently burns calories
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Increases flexibility and agility
  • Improves functional fitness
  • Incorporates cross-lateral movement
  • Activates both sides of the brain
  • Encourages weight loss
  • Strengthens shoulders, arms, and legs


For beginners who want to build up to this advanced exercise, these exercises will help you get there:

  • Crab walk
  • Side plank
  • Two-point plank
  • Push-Up
  • Side plank

Once you’ve mastered the break dancer, try performing Swipers. 

Unparallelled Strength-Building Cardio that’s Fun to Do

Break dancing provides one of the best cardio workouts known to man while using bodyweight resistance to incorporate serious feats of strength and firing dynamic power explosions. 

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut in your regular workout routine performing the same old stale standby exercises you’ve done for years, it’s probably time to shake things up. What better way to do that than to throw on some serious street hip hop and show your homies what you’re made of?

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