Abdominal Exercise

Abdominal Exercise

Strong and stable abs are the key to allowing you to live a healthy, balanced, and physically active life.

Having stable abdominals help support so many other muscles in your body, including those in your middle and lower back. It also helps decrease overall fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.

You and Your Abs

Abdominal exercises have always been a critical part of the personal workout regimen. There has been a wide variety of gym equipment developed both to build abdominal muscles at home and in the gym. For instance, the ab wheel, which is a simple wheel with handles on either side, is straightforward to transport. You can take this device anywhere and use it to do a quick but dynamic ab workout.

The beauty of so many abdominal exercises rests in the fact that many don’t need machines or equipment at all. For instance, the plank is an exercise that forces your abs to carry your body weight for a limited amount of time. It is done by keeping your core and quads tightened, slightly lifting your hips, keeping your back straight, and using your arms and feet for stability while positioned about shoulder length apart. This exercise can be done in many variations, including side planks, or knee planks.

Aside from this, some of the most popular abdominal exercises include the sit up, the bicycle crunch, the seated twist, and the basic crunch, to name a few. Many of these exercises can be done without equipment, but many can also be done with added weight or medicine balls.

Yoga, SoulCycle, and More

There are also more and more fitness activities that are working to help people build ab strength. For instance, yoga and many yoga positions are incredibly dynamic ways to build up the abs. They often include poses like forearm planks, forearm planks with oblique dips, tabletop position, butterfly crunch, and more. 

SoulCycle, as well, has specific classes that aim to build up ab strength. It provides a cardio workout that simultaneously works to build up your arms and abs. The entire workout fits in 45 minutes, and thus allows for an incredibly intense and dynamic workout.

The Vitruvian Muscle Group

The benefits of building up your abs are plentiful. Athletes of all sports need to have strong core muscles to prevent fatigue, avoid injury, and build endurance. It is also essential for non-athletes to build core strength because it helps with posture and can remedy lower back pain or injuries. The benefits of a strong core really to almost all the body, and can help keep the entire system of the body and its muscles stable and balanced. It enables you to maintain a solid sense of gravity, while also making everyday actions and parts of your routine more comfortable and quicker.


Building a strong core is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. The wide range of exercises, both requiring equipment and just requiring a body, make it possible for anyone to get started on their trek for abdominal strength. It will help you not only alleviate current pain and feel good about your body, but put you in a better position to have long-term back health and entire body health.

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