Sprinter Sit-Up

Running in place, but on the ground. That’s what a Sprinter Sit-Up is. 

This is a serious abdominal workout that promotes not only a rock hard midsection and a reduction of belly fat, it also improves coordination and balance. All from a simple floor exercise and without equipment.

How to Sprint While Sitting

This exercise is simple once you get the hang of it, but getting the hang of it can be a bit of a challenge. As is the case with all exercises, proper form is important to doing this exercise correctly. There are a few small variations to get you going included in these instructions as well!

  • Lie on a mat on your back, arms by your sides and legs straight out.
  • Lift both legs slightly off the ground just a few inches. If you’re a beginner at this exercise, try lifting just one leg.
  • Engage the core as you pull your torso up to a Sit-Up position, bending one knee and pulling it towards your torso.
  • Reach your arms out in the direction of your feet, pulling even higher to balance on your glutes with one leg bent and the other still straight out.
  • Lean back, straightening both legs out again and trying to keep them from touching the ground. Be careful not to totally relax your shoulders down as you ease back to the floor. 
  • The abdominal muscles should stay engaged through the entirety of the sequence.
  • Come back up, now bending the other knee towards your chest. 
  • Alternate knees, working to keep your legs off the ground. For beginners, you can keep the leg opposite the knee on the ground for a less intense workout.
  • Check consistently to make sure that it’s the abdominal muscles that are engaged and not the lower back doing the work.

This exercise starts out slow and steady, but as you become more experienced it should get easier and go faster. The best part is that the results do show themselves after only a little while of working on this! That’s how intense the Sprinter Sit-Up is.

When to Start Sprinting

Before you start sprinting with this exercise, be sure you can do at least a dozen Sit-Ups easily. This exercise is  a difficult one that was developed by athletes to improve their abdominal wall muscles. It’s not for beginners, though with the previously stated modifications it can be a little bit easier. 

One reason not to start this exercise too early is that it’s easy to fall into the habit of relying on the back muscles or momentum to force the movement to happen. Relying on the back muscles can lead to injury, while relying on momentum will mean you’re not getting the full benefits of the exercise. The back is going to be engaged to some degree, but Sprinter Sit-Ups are primarily targeting the abdominal muscles. 

One big bonus for this abdominal exercise is that it’s energizing! Even if you’re exhausted, you can still get down with this exercise because if you can just commit to getting going, it’ll get your heart pumping and your body moving. Get sprinting!

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