Prone Walkout

What do we want? Tighter abs! When do we want them? Now!

Finding an exercise that addresses the entire core isn’t easy, but the Prone Walkout is one that works everything you need to tighten the abs and reduce belly fat. 

Based on traditional Eastern martial arts training, the Prone Walkout is still popular in dojos. Hey, if it’s good enough for a black belt it’s good enough for all of us. In addition to the abs, this exercise also targets the hamstrings, deltoids, and triceps. 

Sneaky Cardio

Though this is primarily a strength building exercise, it can be a sneaky and fun way to incorporate cardio into your workout. If you do a dozen reps of this exercise at a quick pace, it gets the heart pumping to cardio levels in a totally different way than the average cardio workout. 

Take thirty seconds between sets and this goes from cardio to interval training. If you want to mix things up, it’s a fantastic way to do just that. You might just find yourself smiling about it as you get moving through the progression of this exercise! It’s got a bit of a boring name for such an energetic exercise. 

How to Do a Prone Walkout

There is no equipment required for a basic Prone Walkout, aside from a clear space on the floor. 

  • Start with your feet hips’ distance apart. Roll the hips back and press the heels into the floor.
  • Bend over, placing your hands on the floor as close to your feet as is comfortable. 
  • Push forward so that your weight goes into your hands. 
  • Engage your core, tighten your glutes, and walk your hands forward. Be careful to keep your back flat as you move.
  • Continue walking the hands forward until they are under your head and you’re in plank position. 
  • Reverse the process to return to your starting position. 

It’s that simple! Just a little bit of a walkabout to walk you right out there towards your fitness goals. 

Tips to Improve your Walking Out

Getting the form right in any exercise is important. To make sure that you’re on point with your Prone Walkout, keep these tips in mind. 

  • Don’t bend the elbows. They should be strong and controlled throughout the exercise. 
  • Roll the hips back in the standing position, being sure to engage the hamstrings for a solid connection with the floor and a good stretch.
  • Keep the hips neutral throughout the exercise, not running down too low or peeking up too high.

Start off by doing this exercise slowly, and don’t attempt to sneak in that cardio until you’ve nailed the form!

More Walking Out

There are some helpful variations on this exercise that you might enjoy. 

  • The Swiss Ball Rollout, where the arms press into a large exercise ball. 
  • Walkout from a Push-Up, where you combine the Walkout with a Push-Up at the beginning for a compound and more challenging exercise. 
  • Barbell Rollout, where the hands hold onto a barbell to add weight and difficulty.

No matter the form of the Prone Walkout, this exercise works the body! Use it to strengthen those upper body muscles, or to challenge your cardio routine and keep it fresh.

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