Crocodile Crawl

Crocodiles are massive, muscley man killers. Modeling exercises after them is a great way to improve your body so that you can have that same rock-hard muscle, minus the scales. 

Coming out of the recent craze of high intensity, muscle shredding workout moves, Crocodile Crawls work the entire body. They’re used by famous actors and actresses to push hard and stay fit enough for the big screen, while pushing the body in ways that it’s never been pushed before. It’s a killer workout.

An Exercise with Teeth

This exercise is one that’s hardcore. It’s got teeth. It’s so hardcore that it’s usually done on the fists, rather than the palms of the hands. It’s a combination of some of the most brutal workout moves out there – the Push-Up, the Bear Crawl, and the Moving Plank. Any one of those moves is tough on the body. Together, they’re a recipe for whole body, hardcore fitness. 

How do Crocs do this Every Day?

The Crocodile Crawl, or Alligator Crawl as it’s sometimes known, isn’t easy no matter how you slice it. Here are the straightforward (and brutal!) steps to get it done:

  • Get into a standard plank position with your hands made into fists, and your feet hips’ distance apart.
  • Carefully align the body for stabilization and engage the core.
  • Lower down to about two inches from the floor, in a lowered Push-Up.
  • In the lowered position, crawl forward by moving the left fist and the right foot a few inches forward. 
  • Repeat with the right fist and the left foot.
  • Move forward at a comfortable pace.

This is only the basic Crocodile Crawl. You can make it easier by lowering down less, or harder by adding weights or push-ups to the formula. If the exercise is too much to handle, work up to it by doing Push-Ups, Planks, and Bear Crawls. 

Be a Better Gator

There are a few important form points on the Crocodile Crawl that will keep that form in line and ithe exercise working for you. Some of these make the exercise easier, but overall they just make it right. 

  • Lengthen the spine and keep the body as flat as possible from the top of the head to the feet.
  • Breathe deeply and with regularity, tightening the core on the exhale.
  • Breathe out with force as you move forward.
  • Use the feet and ankles to propel the legs forward, not the hips or knees.
  • Pull the elbows tightly into the ribs for increased stability.
  • Think about pulling the shoulders back and down. This makes more control possible.

It’s important to do this exercise right if you’re going to do it at all. Most anyone who is willing to put themselves through this kind of torture is willing to do the torture properly.

Bite Off an Arm

The Alligator Crawl or Crocodile Crawl takes a bite out of the shoulders, arms, and abs. It’s a great whole body challenge, but it’s at its best if you’re hunting down that impressive core strength. 

Hardcore is an understatement when it comes to the Crocodile Crawl. But it’s a tough exercise that’s worth every sore muscle and growling movement forward.

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